DIY Bridal Bouquet

This past weekend we took a trip to see two of the most wonderful people tie the knot. I always love weddings but this one was really special as the bride happens to be one of my very very best friends and I was going to get to stand beside her on the big day as Matron of Honor. So, like any true friend, I vowed to help her with her wedding in any way that I could. Over the course of this last year I have made invitations, party buntings and such but the role I was most excited for was doing the flowers for the bridal party.

DIY Bridal Bouquet

So here are the facts

1. I have never EVER EVER arranged flowers before in my life.

2. I believe that anyone can do anything given access to google, a hot glue gun, and a little patience!

Early on we started talking about the types of flowers she wanted and how she might want to think about arranging them. There were several emails and conversations about colors, kinds, and where to order. The bride picked out the flowers and colors that would really work wonderfully with all the dresses and decor and she ended up ordering these:

10 bunches of baby’s breath white

60 premium gerber daisy yellow

12 bunches of vero white daisy

12 bunches of tinted blue daisy

** There are 1,000,000 different places where you can get flowers. You can find flowers sourced locally and seasonally if that’s your thing or if you are trying to do flowers on the cheap there is an option for you as well**

We were trying to stick to a budget so finding beautiful flowers at a reasonable price was the main concern. I suggested that we order flowers from as I have used them several times (once for my own wedding!!) and have never been disappointed. They have great customer service, a wide selection of bulk flowers, and they come with a guarantee. It doesn’t get better than that. You can read my personal review at fifty flowers here.

Okay, back to the DIY portion of this post.

The flowers arrived two days before the big event and the mother of the bride unpacked them, clipped them, and put them in water per the instructions on the website. The day before the wedding the work began. We had a tall order and a few hours to make them all. Here is the list:

1 bride

1 groom

13 bridesmaids

8 groomsman

3 dads

3 moms

1 officiant

15 tables centerpieces

1 large bucket arrangement at the altar


I started with the bridal bouquet because let’s face it, the brides flowers are the most important. The bride had been gathering ideas on pinterest so I knew the look she was going for. She wanted a really natural rustic simplistic style so that’s what we did. They turned out beautiful!

DIY Wedding Flowers

1. Bridesmaid Bouquets in mason jars | 2.Boutonniere | 3. Almost done.

4. Whew! Finished | 5. ALL the flowers | 6. Bridal Bouquet

DIY Bridal Bouquet

Gather your floral supplies:

flowers of your choice

rubber bands

floral wire

wire cutters

floral tape

ribbon, twine, string, or other decorative covering

hot glue gun

large wide mouth mason jar to act as your assistant

1. Pick the best flowers you can find in the ratio you find ideal. For these particular flowers we used 3 stems of blue vero daisies, 3 stems white vero daisies, 7 big yellow gerber daisies, and babies breath.

2. With you mason jar assistant in place start putting the flowers in the jar and trimming them to different heights until you get the desired look. We went with the smaller daisies being the tallest, then we placed the gerber daisies around and between those for the big pop of color, then we used babies breath as the shortest layer to fill in between the decorative twine and the arrangement. It’s really easy if you use the mason jar to play with it until you get exactly what you want.

3. Do you flowers look beautiful in that mason jar? Great! Grab them all in one hand straight out of the mason jar being sure to keep them just as they are and not accidentally losing the ‘arranged’ look that you just made.

4. Wrap the stems in two rubber bands to hold the flowers in place! This is a real life saver.

5. Get the floral wire. Start at the stop and work your way down. Only wrap the stems enough to hold them together. You don’t want wire from flowers to the edge of the stems because it will look like your flowers had a bad time at the orthodontist office. METAL EVERYWHERE! We wrapped ours about 4″ halfway between the flowers and the bottom of the stems. Wrap it as snuggly as you can to keep these suckers in place.

**a little trick: instead of trying to tie the wire at the top, wrap the wire like a bread tie around the flower stems, fold down the extra and then continue wrapping the wire around that tail and down to the desired length**

6. Clip the wire once you are finished and tuck and twist the end of the wire to secure it.

7. Grab that floral tape. Start wrapping it over the wire pulling it snuggly as you wrap. This tape sticks to itself and the tighter you can wrap it, the better it stays. I wrapped starting at the top and worked my way down overlapping the tape about 50% to avoid any visible wire.

8. Now it’s time to make it look pretty. At this point you can wrap the floral tape with a decorative fabric. It’s common to see satin, ribbon, or other fabrics. We used jute twine to fit in with this rustic outdoor wedding. Take the end of the jute and hot glue it around the top of the floral tape. For the first couple of rows of wrapping you may want to use a little more glue to secure it. After that, you should only need two beads per row. Continue wrapping the jute in close rows until you have covered all of the floral tape. Use extra glue for the bottom few rows as well. Better safe than sorry!

9. Trim the bottom stems so that they are even and clean cut.

VOILA, you have yourself a bridal bouquet! Now go get yourself hitched.

For the bridesmaids bouquets, we did this same technique but on a much smaller scale. They all turned out beautifully.

For the boutonnieres and corsages, we cut single flowers and single stems of babies breath. We arranged them to get the desired look and wrapped them only in floral tape. These are so small that the floral wire was too cumbersome but the floral tape worked well on it’s own and was sturdy enough to hold the boutonnieres together for the day.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. If you are reading this thinking… I COULD NEVER… Yes, YOU CAN!



4 responses to “DIY Bridal Bouquet

  1. The flowers were absolutely stunning at the wedding! Thank you for making taking time to share your money and time saving tips!!!! You make seemingly tough jobs seem possible!!!

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