Hey y’all! So last time we talked about how I was reaching outside of my comfort zone and trying new things. I submitted my Smoky Mountain pattern to the Spoonflower National Park Challenge. I’ve never submitted my work to something like this. I just kept telling myself that it’s a great experience and that I will push myself and learn through the process. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how I did. I mean this was essentially my first time designing a pattern and I received 72 votes. Wow. I was just floored. I mean, I was so nervous to put my work out into the world and 72 people on the planet thought, “hey, yeah… I like that”.

It just goes to show that what is in our head is usually much more terrifying than our reality. Have you been thinking of taking a risk? Doing something scary? Risking feeling like a failure? Do it. You never know what opportunities will come from the risks we take. Putting myself out there was nerve-racking but in the end I feel empowered by submitting my work along with artists that I really admire and respect.

It inspired me to try another challenge. Butterfly Coordinates is a challenge in which you have to create four coordinating prints inspired by, you guessed it, butterflies. Here is my entry, Butterfly Flight.

ButterflyFlight ---> beetsandokra.com

These prints were more complex than the first ones I designed. It took a lot more thought, time and piecing together but I’m really proud of how they turned out. If you are interested in seeing all the other submissions you can look through and vote over at Spoonflower.com.

So what is holding you back? Are you thinking of a way to step out and try something new?

Until next time,

signoff ---> beetsandokra.com