I love ice cream. Let’s be real, who doesn’t? Unfortunately ice cream does not love me. It sends my stomach into a circus performance worthy of the big top. It ain’t pretty! So I try to avoid large servings of dairy such as entire pints of ice cream and large glasses of milk just to keep my belly in balance. I have to be happy with cheese and yogurt for now and find alternatives for the others. A milk alternative was easy, almond milk is my MOST FAVORITE! It is so delicious and versatile and I really enjoy cooking with it. I love the dairy free ice cream that you can get at the store but spending $6.50 on a pint of coconut-soy alternative is just not in the budget plus it has all sorts of unidentifiable junk added to it. Without further adieux, here is the best dairy free ice cream I have ever made at home.

Drum roll please…

This 3 – Ingredient Coconut Ice Cream from Jessi Cross of The Hungry Moose leaves out dairy and goes with a wonderfully creamy alternative —> full fat coconut milk!

First, let’s just say that I’ve tried making ice cream A LOT. I didn’t have an ice cream maker and the texture was always wonky. I tried the ones that said, NO ICE CREAM MAKER NECESSARY… and still WONKY. So as I was strolling through the isles of TJ Maxx last week while my son was napping in his stroller I saw it gracefully sitting on the highest shelf… MY ICE CREAM MAKER. I grabbed it without a second thought, convinced my husband that it was our anniversary present to ourselves, and started my ice cream quest. Genius!

Here is my awesome ice cream maker —> Donvier Manual Ice Cream Maker

Okay, back to the recipe. So this thing is off the chain in awesomeness because there are only 3 ingredients. Yep, you heard that right… THREE! 2 cans of chilled Full fat organic coconut milk,  1 3/4 cups organic cane sugar, and 2 tsp vanilla flavoring. You throw them all in the blender and blend on high until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Then toss it in your ice cream maker per the manufacturers directions. Wait a wee bit and then ENJOY!

{EDIT} –  If you want chocolate ice cream just add 1/2 c. of raw cocoa to this before blending. Follow the rest of the directions as is and it is incredible. I love this brand!!

If you don’t do anything else this week… YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

As if this ice cream dream wasn’t enough excitement for one day, the local grocer had mangos and blueberries on mega sale. I bought as many as I could fit in my basket. These made a great topping to the coconut ice cream and I was able to stock up my freezer as well! WIN WIN.

**If you never buy mangos because you are terrified of accidentally cutting off your fingers, arms, and poking out your eyeballs with the knife then I have a solution for you!**

Here is how to cut mangos so that you don’t have to risk your life EVERY TIME!

1. Start by placing the stem side down on the cutting board

2. Carefully cut the widest sides away from the middle —> you should end up with two half spheres of mango and a middle block where the pit/seed lives

3. No carefully slice the spheres of mangos by running the knife horizontal and vertical across the meat side of the mango carful not to cut through the skin on the other side

4. Take a spoon and scoop out the pre-diced squares

4. Place in a feeder bag to use later OR put them on your newest most favorite dairy free ice cream

check out this link for photos —> how to cut a mango

I hope you enjoy these tips and definitely make this ice cream.