In my little mountain town we have a new meat shop that opened and it gives us access to local meat, eggs, cheese, and yogurt. It’s great quality meat with a great taste. As I was driving home one day last week I stopped in to see what would inspire me for dinner. I got two local chicken breasts and some locally made cheddar cheese. Quesadillas were on the menu! I had picked up some fresh fennel fronds the day before without any ideas of how I would use them. I love fennel but am always at a loss of how to use anything other than the bulbs. So I decided this was the perfect scenario for trying something new and different. I thought it turned out great!

Fennel & Chicken Quesadillas

Fresh Fennel Frond Chicken Quesadillas

1 chicken breast cut into strips and cooked

Cheese sliced into thin pieces or grated

2 tortillas shells

1/4 cup Fresh fennel fronds

Heat up your favorite skillet on medium heat. I love to use cast iron for quesadillas. Lay out your tortillas. On one half of the tortillas, sprinkle on cheese, add desired amount of chicken, add fennel fronds. Fold the tortilla in half and place on the skillet. Cook until golden brown. FLIP. Cook the other side until golden brown. Top with any extra fennel you have. ENJOY!