I follow several extremely inspirational women in my social media world. I am always in awe of how they choose to express their truth and inspire others. Yesterday, Kris Carr had this to say, “Don’t shrink to fit in, darling! Instead, dump your need to please and just be your magnificent self. Sound off in the comments with one thing that makes you stand out. Be proud. xo!” 

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Now, I’m more of a sit back and reflect internally kind of gal but this little poke to think about what makes me stand out had my brain wheels turning and I was dying to comment. I’m not perfect but I long ago decided to shake those insecurities and focus on what I do love about myself. This felt like an extension of that exercise. A way to really think about what makes me unique. Here is what I came up with…

I speak my truth.

It’s simple. I speak my truth. My WHOLE life I’ve felt this intense pull from my heart and soul to breathe my truth and be my truth. Does this mean I tell everyone my truth to their heartbreak? Absolutely not! I’m still a conscientious and compassionate woman and believe everyone has their OWN truth to answer to. It’s more of an internal conversation I have with myself.

What it does mean is that I am true to me. I am true to my heart. I am true to my soul. I will not be compromised. I will not feel less than. I will not be anyone or anything other than ME. It’s where my soul sings and my heart smiles. It’s where I am my most genuine and authentic self. It is where I THRIVE. It is where I make the most amazing connections with the people I have in my life. It is home.

What is the one thing that makes you stand out?

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