For those that don’t know, we are expecting our second baby in November. The task of growing a new human and taking care of a toddler has proven to be a bit exhausting {ok, extremely exhausting}. Some days, I feel like a complete success if everyone just eats a couple of meals. This lack of energy has created a bit of a stagnant atmosphere around my creativity. I’m still drawing, illustrating, and creating but my usual gusto has diminished a tad. This is just one of the seasons in my life and it too shall pass. I’m doing my best to soak it all in and just love it for what it is, a beautiful time full of self-care and toddler snuggles.

In order to give my creativity a little boost, I am trying my hand at pattern design. I’ve taken courses in the past like this one and these by Bonnie Christine. I’ve studied and worked at it but I’ve never actually submitted a pattern of mine for the public to see. Nervous. It takes a lot to put your creative self out in the world. The vulnerability can be overwhelming at times.

What a challenge it is. Pattern design feels like completing one of those 500 piece puzzles. Some people are a wizard at them while I’m over here going… “uh, what, where does this go?!?!?!!?”

Here are two patterns I’ve made to submit to a design challenge honoring national parks.


Smoky Mountain Sunset – The Smoky Mountains are so special and unique, this design is a tribute to the beauty and tranquility that the mountains offer.


Trout Run – Inspired by the mountain streams of the Smoky Mountains, Trout Run is every fisherman’s dream.

I chose to focus on the Smoky Mountains because they are in my back yard. I always see the fisherman out there hoping and dreaming of trout. Their patience inspires me. The colors are a tribute to the incredible night sky over the mountains. Before I started sketching, I dreamed up a little scene: I’m a fisherman sitting in a cabin isolated in the woods just dreaming about trout… all I have to keep me entertained are my brushes and paint…. I lazily draw the trout I am dreaming of and the view that surrounds me…

I can only submit one of these and have to decide by next week, gasp. Maybe you could help me out, which one do you think I should submit?