I hope you have the opportunity to participate in your local farmer’s market or CSA! We do and our kitchen has been overflowing with the summer harvest. Yumm! A few challenging veggies have shown up unexpectedly and I had to figure out what to do {I’m looking at you eggplant}. While other veggies have been so abundant that we’ve had to get creative just to use them all before they go bad. The trouble with the CSA box is that it isn’t quite enough to start a canning operation but it’s almost too much to eat within the allotted time {I’m looking at you tomatoes}. I determined, if nothing else, to use every fresh vegetable that comes in our house to nourish our family. Here are my favorite recipes from this week!

what's on the table ---> beets + okra

Cashew-less Vegan Queso by Minimalist Baker was a refreshing change to the traditional cashew cheese we usually make. This secret ingredient… EGGPLANT! I must say that it’s pretty amazing. We slathered it over a quinoa bowl and baked potatoes and it really took those dishes to the next level. {p.s. I’m having a love affair with the minimalist baker blog… it’s the most beautiful website and the recipes are to die for and are easy!}

Spicy Eggplant Pasta by Food 52. Another recipe for those eggplants that may be over running your kitchen. If you haven’t checked out Food52, they have all the kitchen gear that we wish we owned! I’m drooling over here.

Homemade Pasta Sauce from Wellness Mama was a big hit around here. We had approximately a zillion tomatoes and found this recipe used every last one {o.k. maybe more like eight tomatoes}. Any who, it was easy and delicious. I must admit though, I’m a bit on the lazy side and refuse to peel and seed my tomatoes and it was still AMAZING!

No Bake Cookie Bars from our friends at Minimalist Baker. These are OUTSTANDING. If you have a sweet tooth but try to dodge refined sugars… YOU GOTTA TRY THIS! I am eating one right now and it is so yummy!

I would bookmark all of these blogs and keep up with what they are doing in the kitchen. Amazing recipes!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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